About Atcom


ATCOM is one of the earliest VOIP companies in the market, one of the few companies able to develop hardware and software at the same time, have the capability of industrial design and product manufacturing. ATCOM has been focus on IP Phone developing, manufacturing and service providing over 13 years. As far for now, millions device are serving end-user from all over the world.

ATCOM is a company determined to make difference. We are the first manufacturer to launch a full range of Wi-Fi IP telephones, the first to launch a call centre IP Phone, to use dual color screen on the phones, high power speaker on an entry level phone, to support a 9 way conference call on the phone, and the first to support ZRTP encryption on IP Phone.

ATCOM's Wi-Fi IP Phones are currently the largest and most complete line of phones in the market, with its outstanding performance in Wi-Fi environments. ATCOM Wi-Fi IP Phones have won wide acclaim from users for creating a whole new range of Voice over IP applications.

In the future, ATCOM will continue to optimize its products and services. We will keep the principle of "creating value for users and partners" as our business running concept, to keep striving and keep fighting!


Service Tenet

ATCOM always regards product service as the only way to create value for enterprise customers. Without good service, it can not provide enterprise customers with good products. Good products will turn into bad products without good service as support. Product Service is a bridge of value exchanging between ATCOM and customers, also a bridge to ATCOM's product innovation.

Product Concept

ATCOM products always focus on creating value for clients, giving great competitive advantages to ATCOM products by the concept of focus/innovation/lasting. With "quality, performance and cost" as the lifeline of the products, ATCOM products able to provide the exquisite and cost-effective products.