Call centre VoIP solution refers to the IP solution that uses IP PBX and IP Phone to coordinate some CRM service software for internal and external communication. Call centre companies can also choose to self-build or rent a cloud call centre services.
CTI call centre IP Phone from ATCOM is specially designed for call centre, a perfect IP terminal solution for call centre to coordinate with A series IP phone.

A complete solution for CTI VoIP solution offered by ATCOM phones

1. Voice quality

Voice quality is very important to call VoIP solution, ATCOM call centre phones according to the characteristics of the call centre market, use the good quality gain antenna for having great performance while sending and receiving voice, tested with many famous brands from different countries, relying on good headset quality. Our CTI phones have great quality on taking and sending voice, they have anti-noise, in this case, normal brand headset will have great performance on our CTI phone, this is a saving on the total cost for company.

2. Compatibility with IP PBX

ATCOM CTI call centre phones are perfectly compatible with call centre systems like HUAWEI/AVAYA, third party URL port supported, improve the working efficiency by being easily controlled by IP PBX for different features or some customized features.

3. Network function

ATCOM CTI phone support some function which is commonly used under IPV4 and IPV6 network environment, such as VLAN, LLDP, OPEN VPN and 802.1X. OPEN VPN providing a secure and reliable connection channel to the cloud call centre.

4. Auto provision

ATCOM call centre IP Phone support auto provisioning via WEB/WAN/LAN

5. Stability

Call centre replies on CTI phones, stability of phone is very important to their service, ATCOM CTI phone especially add electrostatic protection to the headset interface port to avoid frequent plug in and out action which will cause damage the headset and voice quality. ATCOM adheres strictly in accordance with the requirements of production, all the phones are made of high-quality materials, following the ISO9000 quality standards. All products from the material to the whole set have to go through 11 testing procedures, especially full inspection after production is finished. This procedure puts an end to the damage rates of out of the box and also controls the product maintenance rate to 0.5% or less.

Model Recommendation


Enterprises have to match different telephone model to different position, which is based on the cost and working efficiency. Except CTI Phone, ATCOM offer many models for different position requirements as followed:1. One sip IP phone like A1X series(A10/A11/A10W/A16) is perfect for normal position which has fewer call needs .2. Two sip phone like A2x Series(A20W/A21/A26) is perfect for normal position which has many call needs, A2X series support two sip, line keys also support call switch, call pick up, speed dial, BLF and other functions.3. Four sip phone like A4X series is perfect for Management-class positions like CEO, secretary and operator, A4X series support four sip, line keys also support call switch, also working as BLF keys. 8 BLF button support many functions like call pick up , speed dial, call forwarding, conference call. Support wireless EHS wireless headset, liberate both hands and solve the mobile problem.4. Six sip phone like A68X (A68/A68W) is perfect for president-class position, like CEO, secretary, Operator. A6X series support 6 sip account, there are 8 BLF buttons with LCD display, Once contact number surpass 8, screen are able to switch, maximum contacts reach to 20. Support EHS wireless headphones.5. AET color screen expansion module is perfect for positions like CEO, secretary, operator, expanded up to three pages and support 44 BLF number in total.6. HA11 single ear headset.7. HA12 double ear headset.8. EHS wireless headset adapter.

Solution Framework

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