Wi-Fi VoIP solution refers to a wireless VoIP solution, it satisfies the voice needs based on Wi-Fi access for enterprises or home-users. The Wired solution, Wi-Fi solutions enjoys more popularity among enterprise market, because its lower cost and much easier to deployed. Wi-Fi and wired connections are totally different, will lead to voice unstable behavior if using normal technology standards. By optimize Wi-Fi and SIP protocols, stability of Wi-Fi calls are dramatically improved. Now ATCOM WiFi phones are able to meet business needs. ATCOM have 2.4G Wi-Fi phone support 802.11n and 2.4G + 5G Wi-Fi phones support 802.11Ac. Since it launched in March 2016 till now, ATCOM Wi-Fi phone have over 40,000 devices working in different office, Wi-Fi IP Phone have won the praise from many company and accumulated lot of valuable experience for us.

Wi-Fi VoIP solution application


1. When enterprise try self-build VoIP solutions, there is always some place they are unable to pull network cable or the cable cost is very high.
2. Cost of deploying wired networks is much higher than building a Wi-Fi networks.
3. Cloud VoIP platform deals with many small and middle enterprise clients, especially like the home user, building a wired environment will become a big problem to them.
4. Network environment of company is Wi-Fi, not any wired connection.
5. Some Hotels and shopping malls are unable deploy network cable, only the Wi-Fi environment.
6. Mine factories, tourist and parking places are all long distance and fewer telephones connected, the cost of deploying a wired network are too high.

Question have to considered when choosing Wi-Fi VoIP solution

1. Compatibility of Wi-Fi protocols

ATCOM not only have 2.4G Wi-Fi series IP Phone which support 802.11N, but also have 2.4G+5G Wi-Fi series IP Phone which support 802.11Ac, we offer different solutions to different places. The biggest advantage of 2.4G network is supporting long distance transmission, requiring less AP as a signal source, but the disadvantage of it is bad performance on anti-interference. Compare to 2.4G, 5G is good at anti-interference, but bad at long distance transmission and also requires more AP to improve the signal coverage.

2. Compatibility with AP

The compatibility between IP Phone and AP is very important in this case, otherwise the voice will be unstable. ATCOM Wi-Fi IP Phones have been tested with many famous AP brands from the market including enterprises and home used AP, the stability of ATCOM Wi-Fi Phones are much stronger now, clients don’t need a special AP for ATCOM Wi-Fi phone.

3. Wi-Fi phone signal sensitivity

Wi-Fi phone antenna directly affects the transmission distance from the AP and the anti-interference features of WiFi Phone. After a great effort from R&D ATCOM, the new generation of ATCOM Wi-Fi phone is equipped with 5DB antenna. In the market, normal Wi-Fi terminals are using antennas which is less than 3DB, significantly improving the stability of the Wi-Fi phone.

4. Wi-Fi phone signal sensitivity

When companies chose to use a Wi-Fi phone, normally one model can’t satisfy all the needs, many different positions will have different requirements for model. Now ATCOM offer whole series Wi-Fi phone to meet their needs. At the same time, the Wi-Fi IP Phone also supports wired network access, in this case enterprise VoIP solutions are more flexible and comprehensive.

Model recommendation


Enterprises have to match different telephone models to different positions, which is based on the cost and working efficiency, ATCOM offer many models for different position requirements as followed:1. One sip IP phone like A1X series(A10/A11/A10W/A16) is perfect for normal position which has fewer call needs.2. Two sip phone like A2x Series(A20W/A21/A26) is perfect for normal position which has many call needs, A2X series support two sip, line keys also support call switch, call pick up, speed dial, BLF and other functions.3. Four sip phone like A4X series is perfect for Management-class positions like CEO, secretary and operator, A4X series support four sip, line keys also support call switch, also working as BLF keys. 8 BLF button support many functions like call pick up, speed dial, call forwarding, conference call. Support wireless EHS wireless headset, liberate both hands and solve the mobile problem.4. Six sip phone like A68X (A68/A68W) is perfect for president-class position, like CEO, secretary, Operator. A6X series support 6 sip account, there are 8 BLF buttons with LCD display, Once contact number surpass 8, screen is able to switch, maximum contacts reach to 20. Support EHS wireless headphones.5. AET color screen expansion module is perfect for positions like CEO, secretary, operator, expanded up to three pages and support 44 BLF number in total.6. HA11 single ear headset7. HA12 double ear headset8. EHS wireless headset adapter

Solution framework

Atcom Diagram 2.png